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My Top Five Favorite Ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion 3

*Spoilers Ahead


My husband and I got our Nintendo Switch for Christmas in 2019. And along with our Nintendo Switch, we got Luigi’s Mansion 3! I was really excited to play this game, especially since I loved the first Luigi’s Mansion so much! And while I can’t say I like this game more than the original Luigi’s Mansion, it’s still REALLY good! I decided to play it again for the Halloween season and forgot how many good ghosts are in this game! Today, I’m going to talk about my top five favorite ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion 3. I’m mostly basing this off of how entertaining the ghosts were. Also, I LOVE King Boo, but I have decided to exclude him from this countdown because I want to keep this list for ghosts specifically associated with Luigi’s Mansion 3. Now that you know my judging parameters, let’s get started!

5. Amadeus Wolfgeist

Luigi and Amadeus Wolfgeist

Floor 4 in the “Last Resort” hotel is “The Great Stage”. This floor is a concert hall, and its boss is the concert pianist Amadeus Wolfgeist. When you first walk into his auditorium, you hear the piano playing by itself, which in and of itself is pretty spooky. You then see Toad in a painting and realize you have to beat Wolfgeist in order to save him. What ensues is a crazy series of events where first, Wolfgeist levitates all the auditorium seats and tries to smash them into Luigi.

Then, when that fails, he brings in his ballet dancers who “dance fight” Luigi. I love the minion ghosts in this game, they’re so funny! I feel like in the first Luigi’s Mansion, the ghosts were pretty malicious. However, the ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion 3 aren’t that scary and are really only trying to mess with you, not seriously harm you. This scene is proof that the minion ghosts are there to have fun, and are just being silly.

After you’ve beaten the ballet dancers, Amadeus Wolfgeist realizes that you’re going to keep ruining his show and completely loses it. He smashes his piano open and possesses the piano so that he can destroy you. What ensues next is a lot of timing in order to get Wolfgeist out of his piano so you can actually fight him and not his piano.

This is one of my favorite ghosts because Amadeus Wolfgeist is actually a little ghastly. I’m honestly a little disappointed that Luigi’s Mansion 3 doesn’t have any of the spookiness the original Luigi’s Mansion had. I will say that because Luigi’s Mansion 3 is more silly and less spooky, it is more kid-friendly. But I still miss the spookiness factor in this game. Despite the game overall not being spooky enough, Amadeus Wolfgeist is pretty spooky! And while I’m fine with the regular ghosts not being malicious, it’s nice to be able to fight a ghastly ghost now and then. I mean even just his name sounds more like a real ghost name than some of the other ghosts you encounter. Plus, the whole scene of fighting him is pretty entertaining to watch!

4. Morty

Morty and Luigi

Floor 8 in the “Last Resort” hotel is “Paranormal Productions”. This floor is a film production studio, and the ghost in charge of it is Morty. Morty is a film director, and when you first encounter him, you find he’s actually not dangerous at all, he just wants to make a movie. But he can’t make a movie because he lost his red megaphone. How can he be a director without his megaphone??? You realize you have to help him because Morty holds an elevator button, the key to getting to the next floor. So you roam his studio to perform a series of puzzles, and venture between his different filming sets in order to get his megaphone back. And once you get his megaphone back, he decides that YOU must be the star in his upcoming movie. So, you play along and act in his film in order to keep him happy.

Finally, once Morty has all the footage he needs, he willingly gives you the elevator button and runs off to his office to put the movie together. If you wait a bit to capture him, he’ll have time to put his movie together and you can view it later! But if you capture him immediately, you’ll never get to see his movie.

I’ll admit, I waited for Morty to complete my movie, and then made Luigi a horrible person and had him capture Morty. Morty is actually an optional ghost to catch. The game doesn’t hold you back if you don’t capture him. But I’m a completionist, and HAD to capture him. But enough about my moral dilemma, here is a copy of Luigi and Morty’s movie from the YouTube channel Cinnabon.

I love Morty! I think he’s a cool ghost because unlike his peers in the hotel, he doesn’t want to hurt Luigi! And the fact he just needs Luigi’s help to achieve his dream of being a movie director is pretty wholesome.

3. Polterkitty

Polterkitty steals the elevator button

You actually run into Polterkitty for the first time after getting the elevator button from Morty. You’re so excited to move onto the next floor and see what it is and then Polterkitty shows up, steals your elevator button, and literally EATS it so you can’t move onto the next floor until you catch her. What makes her a crazy boss is that she runs away to different floors, making it a really complicated game of hide and seek. She seems like a chill cat at first, but once you actually engage her in battle, she turns into a monster.

Something else interesting about Polterkitty, is she has three tails. So when you’re finally able to get a hold of her and start sucking her into your Poltergust G-00, she barely escapes with 1 HP by losing one of her tails and then retreating to another floor. As a result, you have to follow her to the next floor, and then fight her two more times before she finally relinquishes the elevator button to you. Polterkitty is different from other ghosts because she actually escapes the first time you fight her. You don’t get to catch her until later when she decides to steal a second elevator button.

Luigi, Polterpup, and Polterkitty

The second time Polterkitty makes an appearance, your chase is a lot more complicated, and you literally have to travel between three floors in order to get your second elevator button back. However, what’s nice about fighting Polterkitty this time, is Polterpup is also chasing her (as any normal puppy would do) making it easier to find her. Another thing that’s nice about the second time you fight her is you actually get to capture her! Honestly catching her is super rewarding after all the trouble she puts you through.

The reason I’ve listed Polterkitty as one of my favorite ghosts is because she is challenging in a unique way. Rather than just fighting her in one room, you have to chase her throughout the hotel before you are finally able to get your elevator buttons back and before you can actually capture her. Plus, I think it’s funny that Polterkitty is mischievous like any real cat would be.

2. DJ Phantasmagloria

DJ Phantasmagloria

DJ Phantasmagloria is in charge of “The Dance Hall”, a dance club and one of the last floors in the “Last Resort” hotel. When you first enter the Dance Floor, you see there’s a button just chilling on the ground. Of course Luigi knows better and knows its probably a trap, but he still goes up and tries to grab it just in case. Sure enough it is a trap, Luigi gets blasted off the stage by some crazy sound waves, and he loses the button to Phantasmagloria and her break-dancing crew. Her minions are super tricky, one of them hides the elevator button in their sweatshirt, and then they all mix up. So you have to work really hard to keep track of where the button is so you catch the right ghost.

Eventually, you finally beat the breakdancing ghosts and Phantasmagloria takes the button back before you can grab it. One reason she’s super difficult to beat is because she has 450 HP. So it takes you a while to beat her. She also throws razor sharp records, which take 10 of your HP anytime they hit. So you have to be super careful when fighting her. But eventually you beat her and get the last elevator button which allows you to explore the next floor.

The reason I listed DJ Phantasmagloria as one of my favorite ghosts is because her whole level is super fun! You get to fight a break-dancing crew, and also listen to some good music during your battle. Phantasmagloria was also a lot more difficult than some of the other ghosts I’ve had to fight. She made the battle a challenge, and honestly, if a game doesn’t provide a level of challenge now and then, its not a very good game is it?

1. Hellen Gravely

Hellen Gravely

Hellen Gravely is the owner of the “Last Resort” hotel. And she’s always behind the scenes telling each of the ghosts what to do. She invites Luigi and his friends to her hotel all in an elaborate plan to capture them, and impress King Boo.

Checking into the “Last Resort”

Of course, her plan falls to shambles when Luigi escapes and King Boo is angry. So she gives it her all in order to fix everything, but of course Luigi makes it through all of her hotel workers and gets up to her part of the hotel, the “Master Suite”. The “Master Suite” is the last floor you have to work through in order to confront King Boo, and a very expansive living space for Hellen Gravely. When you first enter her floor, she’s furious and wants revenge more than anything.

So she challenges you to come fight her so she can redeem herself for King Boo, who she idolizes more than anything or anyone. Literally everything on her floor is King Boo themed, showing how much she LOVES him. As you make your way toward her, you discover you need four keys for the door to her office. So you make your way through her very large hotel suite in a desperate hunt for them. She has a library, a lounge, a massive bathroom, and a large bedroom, all with crazy puzzles you need to solve in order to get each key from each room. She also has an intensive laser security system, which must obviously be for Luigi since lasers are useless on ghosts.

Finally you make it all the way to her and she completely loses it. Her true image is revealed showing all the makeup she puts on covers for her age and wrinkles. Obviously she’s trying a little too hard for King Boo, but she still wants to fight Luigi. She explains how she lost everything because of Luigi since he took out all of her staff and catnapped Polterkitty. With nothing left to lose, she finally challenges you.

Her battle is one of the toughest of the game, almost tougher than King Boo’s final fight. She uses her laser security system against you and you have to use a lot of timing to get Gooigi (Luigi’s goo partner), to turn off the security system. She also has 600 HP so it takes a few tries before you’re able to catch her. I think another reason this fight is difficult is because you’re fighting her in a really small space. Anytime you have to fight ghosts in a confined area, there’s less room to move around. When you do finally catch her though, its incredibly rewarding!

Hellen Gravely is my favorite ghost in Luigi’s Mansion 3. I think it’s cool we see her several times throughout the game, and that she is actually hard to beat. A lot of the bosses in this game were almost too easy to beat. But Hellen Gravely really puts up a challenge, I died several times before I was actually able to beat her! I also think her King Boo decorated floor is pretty cool, even if it is a little obsessive.

King Boo and Hellen Gravely

That’s it for this post! Thanks for reading! If you’ve played Luigi’s Mansion 3 before, what’s your favorite ghost? Tell me in the comments below!

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