Luigi’s Mansion 3: How To Get Morty’s Red Megaphone

Poor Morty…

The eighth floor of the Last Resort Hotel is Paranormal Productions, which is run by the director Morty. When you first meet Morty, you find he has the elevator button for the next floor, but will not give it up until he’s reunited with his red megaphone he’s lost. As you might guess, YOU are going to have to find it for him. This is one of the harder puzzles in Luigi’s Mansion 3, but with this walkthrough, you’ll find it’s not too bad!

First, go and activate all of the televisions in each set. There are a total of four televisions, and they all connect to the televisions in the main studio area where Morty is. You can activate them by flashing your flashlight towards the televisions in each set.

Once all of the televisions have been activated, go back to the main room where Morty is. Grab the bucket next to the furthest right television. Now, you’re going to walk through the furthest right television into the scary movie filming set.

Make sure you drop the bucket into the well. Then, have Gooigi stand in the filming area. Then when Luigi starts using the camera, it will activate a scene. During this scene, have Gooigi go to the well and check it with “X”. This creepy girl will pop out holding your bucket your threw in earlier. The difference with the bucket now, is that it is full of water.

Have Gooigi grab the bucket from the girl while Luigi is still rolling the camera. Gooigi can either hold the bucket or put it on the ground, just don’t let it go back into the well. Then have Luigi stop working the camera and have him grab the bucket. Now, you’re going to walk with the bucket into the television once more.

Now, you’re going to take the bucket into the medieval fortress scene. Walk through the television that is second from the right to get there.

In this set, make sure Gooigi and the bucket are in the filming area BEFORE Luigi starts rolling the camera. When you do start using the camera, it will trigger a battle that is going on within and around the fortress. At one point, the wagon over by the tower will be destroyed and reveal a growing vine. Take the bucket and water the vine.

The vine will then grow a ladder to the top of the tower. You’ll use the ladder to grab the torch on top of the tower. But before you climb up and grab the torch, defeat the two ghosts who invaded the fortress to make your life easier.

Once you defeat the ghosts, you can climb up the ladder and grab the torch. Bring the torch down off of the tower. You won’t be allowed to leave the scene until all of the ghosts in it are defeated. So now defeat the remaining ghosts that have appeared. Once they are defeated, stop rolling the camera and have Luigi grab the torch and walk through the television.

Now you’re going to have Luigi take the torch to the fire scene. To get there walk through the television that is second to the left in the main filming area.

Again, make sure that Gooigi and the torch are in the filming area before Luigi starts rolling the camera. Defeat all of the firefighter ghosts and then use the center burning building to light your torch on fire.

Now, have Luigi take the lit torch through the television and return to the main filming set. Take the torch to the last scene which can be accessed through the furthest left television.

This is the scene where you can find the red megaphone. In this set, everything is blown up in proportion (or you are tiny…). Make sure Gooigi and the lit torch are in the scene before Luigi starts rolling the camera.

Now have Gooigi use suction shot on the red target on the box. Then you’ll pull on the rope which pulls the box lid down.

Now that the lid is down, a giant spider will pop out at you. Light the spiderwebs in the box (and the spider if you please) on fire with the torch.

Once the spiderwebs are burned, they will disappear and the megaphone will be dropped. Have Gooigi pick it up and take it OUTSIDE of the box. If you don’t take it outside of the box, when Luigi stops rolling the camera, it will be trapped inside the box.

Finally, have Luigi grab the red megaphone and walk through the television back to Morty. Give Morty his precious red megaphone and you’ll be rewarded with not only the elevator button, but stardom as well!

And remember, if you want to be a completionist and capture Morty, wait until AFTER he’s done editing your movie. Otherwise you’ll never get to see the final product!

That’s it for this post! Hopefully this answered some questions for those trying to get past this puzzle in Luigi’s Mansion 3!

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