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Ring Fit: How Does It Work & Is It Worth It?

The Best Way To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s finally 2021! 2020 was so long, but also so short at the same time! Either way, I have a feeling 2021 will be a great year! But there’s always one problem everyone faces at the beginning of the year, and that’s keeping New Year’s Resolutions! It seems no matter how determined we are at the end of December, the beginning of January always results in a lack of motivation to improve. I find the biggest problem with losing motivation to keep New Year’s Resolutions is that people generally don’t want to have to spend their limited time on a time-consuming goal. People also generally break resolutions because their goals are too out of reach or not truly worth it to them.

Today I’m writing this post for all those who are on the same boat as me and want to exercise more, but can’t seem to find the time and energy to do so. If you love video games, and you want to exercise more and be healthier, I highly recommend Ring Fit Adventure on the Nintendo Switch! This isn’t the most amazing video game I’ve played in my life, but it certainly is the BEST fitness video game I’ve ever played! If you play this game, you will see results in your health and fitness level! Before I go any farther, I just want to state that I am not sponsored by any business or person. This article is solely my opinion. Now, without further ado, here is my review of Ring Fit Adventure!


You Can Easily Squeeze a Ring Fit Adventure Workout Into Your Schedule!

I think my biggest constraint when it comes to working out is I don’t want to spend time exercising when I could be doing other things I find more enjoyable (like playing video games, but the nice thing about Ring Fit Adventure is you can easily squeeze in time to work out, even if it’s just for a little bit! I’ve had days where I played Ring Fit Adventure for an hour, and I’ve had days where I only played Ring Fit Adventure for 15 minutes. Ring Fit Adventure can fit 😜 into any sort of schedule! Plus you save a ton of time in traveling by playing Ring Fit Adventure! No more wasting time and gas driving to the gym! Even a short 15 minute drive to the gym drains 30 total minutes from your day, which is a terrible waste. Not to mention gym memberships can be a bit expensive. I think I bought Ring Fit Adventure for around $80, which in the end is cheaper than going to the gym for a few months! Especially if you end up buying a membership and then decide you don’t want to work out! Another nice thing about working out from home is you can jump in the shower as soon as you’re done! I honestly hate when I get all sweaty at the gym and then immediately have to get in my car and get my car gross. And I hate being sweaty for too long anyways, so being able to immediately transition from Ring Fit Adventure to my shower is a big win.

And if you literally don’t want to take ANY time out of your day solely for the purpose of working out, Ring Fit Adventure can still work great for you! There’s a mode in Ring Fit Adventure called “Multitask Mode”. When you play in Multitask Mode, your Nintendo Switch is off, but the Ring-Con still works and records up to 500 repetitions before it shuts down! So you can use it while you watch TV, or while you are working at a desk. In other words, you can “multitask” and do the things you normally do, while also working out!

All in all, if your biggest problem with working out is you don’t have a lot of time, or don’t want to take extra time to workout, Ring Fit Adventure can easily fit in your schedule everyday!

Ring Fit Adventure Workouts are Effective!

I feel like most exercise games out there are pretty mediocre in actually working out your body. The frustrating thing about these kinds of games is you spend money hoping you can get a good workout, and then it does absolutely nothing for you so you stop and feel totally ripped off. Well, I can definitely say that Ring Fit Adventure is a LEGIT workout. The first time I tried it I remember thinking it wasn’t really going to work and that the commercials were probably overselling the effectiveness of the workouts. But within a few minutes I was sweating, and the next day I was SUPER sore in the areas I had worked out. After a few days of working out, I started noticing some of my muscle groups were actually getting more defined. I even had legit abs for the first time in my life which was insane!

The way Ring Fit Adventure works, is you attach a Joy-Con to your left leg and then put a Joy-Con into the Ring-Con (which is the circular resistance band). As you run, the left Joy-Con tracks how much your legs move as you run in place. So if you are moving quicker, your character will run faster. But if you are only walking, your character will walk too.

The Ring-Con is a resistance band you hold in your hand. You can pull it out or squeeze it in and depending on your settings, the intensity of the resistance can go up or down. You use the Ring-Con in various exercises that work on muscle strength such as thigh presses or overhead presses with your arms. There are also exercises that you don’t use the Ring-Con for, but many of those pose a challenge as well. I personally am not a fan of planks haha. Unlike other exercise games, I feel like Ring Fit Adventure does a great job with actually tracking your movements. This is great for me because it means I can’t cheat, so I actually get more fit!

There are two main activities in this game. The first is running in place as you run through a stage (kind of like Mario or Sonic). Then when you run into enemies, you enter a turn-based battle scenario (kind of like Pokémon). In the battle scenario, you have to perform repetitions of certain exercises to beat your enemies. There are four different types of workouts in this mode which are: Legs, Arms, Abs, and Yoga. The enemies are also color-coded and you’re able to kill them a lot quicker if you use attacks that are the same color as them. For example, a Red Attack (which is the Arms category) is more effective against red enemies. Between running and being stopped now and then to perform repetitions of various exercises, you’re given quite the workout!

And what’s cool is Ring Fit Adventure collects data as you go through levels and reports information at the end like how many miles you ran in total and how many repetitions you performed! Ring Fit Adventure can even calculate your heartrate for you at the end of each level!

And along with the great workouts Ring Fit Adventure provides, you also get lots of advice on different fitness and health related things! Sometimes you get tips about exercise, sometimes it’s tips about food and vitamins, there are even some tips that talk about sleep! All in all, Ring Fit Adventure does a great job in helping you get in shape and take care of your body!

Ring Fit Adventure Workouts are Fun!

I’m not a fan of working out, but when exercise is put in the form of a video game I find it a lot more enjoyable! I don’t really enjoy running on a treadmill, or doing reps. But Ring Fit Adventure does a great job at making both of those things entertaining! Between running through really cool scenery, and engaging monsters in exercise battles, Ring Fit Adventure does a great job in making exercise more exciting!


Ring is Annoying

He’s so weird.

Ironically the character for which Ring Fit Adventure is named after is the worst part of this game. And he’s with you THE WHOLE TIME. I hate his voice. I hate his personality. And he’s SO AWKWARD! And he doesn’t really give you a choice in whether or not you help him defeat Dragaux. He just ropes you along and when you don’t want to do it, he just pressures you into going on your journey. Honestly, you don’t even need Ring for the story to make sense. I think the reason he’s really in the game is because he represents the Ring-Con you use as you play Ring Fit Adventure. But I probably would’ve preferred to just have the Ring-Con be represented as a powerful object only given to me, because I’m destined to defeat Dragaux or something. That would’ve made the thing I’m carrying WAY less annoying. But besides Ring being literally the most annoying coach ever, the game is great!


Ring Fit Adventure is definitely worth the investment! Between giving yourself a way to exercise everyday, being able to work out effectively, and being able to have fun while working out, Ring Fit Adventure gives you your money’s worth! If you’re interested in purchasing the game and necessary equipment you can find a Ring Fit Adventure set on Amazon. At the time of this post, the game Ring Fit Adventure and the necessary equipment are available and can be delivered within a few days.

What do you think of exercise video games? Are they effective? Do you enjoy exercise video games? Let me know in the comments below!

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