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My Top Ten Favorite Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters!

Super Smash Brothers Melee was one of the first video games I ever played. I’ve always had a love for the Smash Brothers series, and I have played almost every Super Smash Brothers game. Each game that joins the Super Smash Brothers series has more and more playable characters. Now we have Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, which has almost 80 playable characters with more being added frequently! Today, I’m going to go through my top ten favorite characters in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate! Honestly this was really hard for me because I play with about 20 different characters in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate! I did manage to narrow it down to 10 characters which are…

10. Kirby

He’s adorable, and he’s an OG character that’s been with us since the first Smash Brothers game came out! He’s able to gain height easily with his jump abilities and his B moves are pretty nice and easy to use! But the thing that truly makes Kirby special is his ability to inhale other players and take on not only their appearances, but also their special abilities! When you pair Kirby’s powers along with another character’s powers, he can become pretty overpowered! For example, imagine having Ganondorf’s power, but not his weak jumps?

Kirby Using Ganondorf’s Powers

I will say Kirby’s really only special because he can take on other character abilities, but I still think he deserves a spot on my “Top Ten Favorite Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Characters List!”

9. Sonic

Sonic is special because he’s fast (duh). Since he’s fast, you can run in and attack someone and get away before they can land a hit on you! However, sometimes he’s a little too fast for my liking and I end up running off of the stage… If you can learn to control Sonic’s speed, he is a really useful character! Not only is he fast, but his various spin attacks are pretty effective and are a great tool in fighting! They really throw off the other characters and before they can land a hit on you, just run to the other side of the screen! Sonic is a ton of fun to play with, which is why I’ve listed him as number nine on my “Top Ten Favorite Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Characters List!”

8. Zero Suit Samus

I think Zero Suit Samus looks freaking dope, but I really like her because she’s a good fighter! Her main weapon is her paralyzer, which is a gun that stuns enemies, but even just her regular punching and kicking is super powerful! My favorite move she uses is her Boost Kick. When you press “Up B”, she boosts into the air and performs a series of kicks on characters directly above her. Her “Down B” is also super powerful, but really difficult to pull off in a normal battle. When you press “Down B” she jumps up and then lands on an enemy and buries them in the ground! I like Zero Suit Samus because she’s a heavy hitter, but she’s not slow like a lot of the other heavy hitters in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Because of her various fighting skills and powerful moves, Zero Suit Samus has landed the number eight spot on my “Top Ten Favorite Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Characters List!”

7. Byleth

Byleth is a recent addition to the DLC characters in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. I’m not going to lie, she is really overpowered (I’m going to refer to Byleth as a she for this blog post). Her main weapons are the Heroes’ Relics you see in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (the game she’s a protagonist in). Every one of her B moves is a heavy hitter, and if you get hit you’re in trouble. Her “B” attack charges Failnaught (a legendary bow in Three Houses), her “Side B” attack is a side slash with Areadbhar (a legendary lance in Three Houses), and her “Down B” attack swings down Aymr (a legendary axe in Three Houses) with a TON of force. The one thing I don’t like about Byleth is if she gets knocked off the stage, she’ll attempt to grab onto the edge by extending the Sword of the Creator. But this move has a really short range, and if she misses she’ll fall to her death.

Byleth Attacks Using Areadbhar

I’m really glad they added Byleth into Super Smash Brother Ultimate! She was so cool in her own game and she’s a boss in Smash! The fact all of her moves are crazy powerful makes her a strong fighter! That’s why she’s number seven on my “Top Ten Favorite Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Characters List!”

6. Peach

I think Peach is hilarious in Super Smash Brother’s Ultimate! First off, her “Side B” move is basically an overpowered hip bump. I use it all the time because it deals a ton of damage! Besides her crazy hip bumping skills, Peach also has a Parasol that allows her to fall slowly! When you jump up in the air and perform your “Up B” attack, Peach pulls out a parasol which slows her descent towards the ground. Sometimes this move is annoying if people are jumping up and trying to get you before you can attack back, but this move is also really useful if you are trying to avoid touching the ground for a moment (such as when the floor is lava). Peach is a ton of fun to play with, and more powerful than she looks! So Peach has made it on the number six spot on my “Top Ten Favorite Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Characters List!”

Toad Deserves Better

On a side note: I will say, Peach is a terrible person for using Toad as a shield. Poor Toad deserves better than that! I lowkey want him to be a playable character in Super Smash Brothers, and I know a ton of other players do too! Gamers have even made mods of Toad in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate! Do you think we’ll ever get Toad as a playable character? Let me know in the comments below!

5. Zelda

First off, Zelda has been one of my favorite characters since I first started playing Smash! I thought she was pretty when I was a kid (still do), so I always picked her! I’m disappointed she and Sheik are now separate characters, and you can’t switch between them in-game, but Zelda is still super cool in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate! She can create a crystal around herself and deal damage to surrounding players. This crystal can also reflect projectiles back towards enemies! Zelda also has great long range attacks which are seen in the form of Din’s fire. She conjures a fire ball, then she can control its direction and send it towards an enemy, and she can detonate it on command! A new move she has is her “Down B”, where she conjures a Phantom Solider and sends it forward toward an enemy player in front of her! The Phantom Solider is a heavy-hitter, so if you get hit by that dude you’re in trouble. Not only are her attacks super powerful, but she can also teleport anywhere on the stage! When you press “Up B” and then a direction, Zelda will teleport further that direction! I really enjoy Zelda as a fighting character!

Zelda Uses Din’s Fire

My one beef with her is that she doesn’t have any of the Breath of the Wild skin options, just OG Zelda skins. Do you think Nintendo is ever going to add Zelda’s Breath of the Wild skins in Super Smash Brother’s Ultimate? Let me know in the comments below! Either way, Zelda easily has my number five spot on my “Top Ten Favorite Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Characters List!”

He’s a classic character in all of the Smash Brothers games before, but he’s a little different than in the previous games. For starters, you have the option to play as Breath of the Wild Link (still waiting on Breath of the Wild Zelda, but at least we have Breath of the Wild Link). He also has a remote bomb now (like in Breath of the Wild), which means you can throw his bomb and choose when it blows up! I never used bombs before this change because I would always forget to actually throw the bomb and then blow myself up! Besides these changes, Link is basically the same. He was really strong and powerful in all of his past games, and he’s still strong and powerful now! He’s a really good sword character and he does land pretty heavy hits. Plus, Link is one of my favorite Nintendo characters! For these reasons, Link has made it into the number four slot on my “Top Ten Favorite Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Characters List!”

3. Marth

I honestly never really played with Marth before a few months ago, but now I really like him! The first time I really played with him a ton was when I was going through the Adventure Mode in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Marth was one of the first characters I unlocked so I played with him a ton while I unlocked other characters. He’s a really well-rounded character and I’m sad I didn’t try playing with him earlier! He’s fast, which as you’ve read previously in the post, is great for avoiding people. He has pretty strong moves AND he’s a quick hitter, so not only are you dealing a ton of damage, you’re doing it quickly!

Marth’s Parry

I also really like Marth’s “Down B” move, which is a parry. Honestly if I keep getting hit by a strong hitter, using parry on them is a great way to make sure they’re taking damage while you defend yourself. Parry is a cheap move, but I will say that you have to time it perfectly for it to work, so it’s not like you’re totally untouchable. Marth is really easy to play with, fast, a hard hitter, and great at defense, which places him in my number three spot in my “Top Ten Favorite Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Characters List!”

2. Sephiroth

Sephiroth is the newest DLC character added to the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate roster. I’m not going to lie, he’s definitely overpowered. He’s incredibly fast making him hard to hit. He’s a high jumper, and can even jump a third time in mid-air when he grows a wing part way through the battle. And along with his speed and jumping abilities, he also has REALLY strong B moves. The B move that stands out to me the most is Shadow Flare, which can be performed by clicking “Side B”.

Sephiroth’s Shadow Flare Attack

The reason this move is interesting to me is because it’s unlike any other move performed by any other character in the game! What happens is Sephiroth can shoot out multiple bursts of energy towards an enemy character, but they don’t blow up on contact. They stay on the character for a few seconds, and then blow up spontaneously. If you get hit by an energy burst, and you don’t shield right as they blow up, you take a ton of damage. It’s hard to time the shielding because while you’re trying to shield, someone could be coming over to attack you! Lastly, one of Sephiroth’s victory screens is him walking into a wall of fire, which looks pretty sick! All in all, Sephiroth is a really unique and powerful character, which is why he’s number two on my “Top Ten Favorite Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Characters List!”

1. Wii Fit Trainer

I already know I’m going to get a ton of backlash for admitting this, but honestly if I want to win my go-to-character is Wii Fit Trainer! I know a lot of people don’t like her because she doesn’t have amazing moves. However, every time I play Super Smash Brothers Ultimate I do really well with her and she’s given me a TON of wins! I will say she’s not the coolest character ever, and I would much rather say my best character is Marth or Zelda or someone cooler, but for whatever reason, Wii Fit Trainer is a character I do well with consistently. It’s because I do so well with her, that I’ve listed her as my number one character on Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

Salute the Sun!”

The Wii Fit Trainer is pretty fast, which is useful in Smash for running in and attacking, and then pulling back before you get hit. The Wii Fit Trainer’s crouch is also really useful because she planks when she crouches, which means she’s close to the ground and harder to hit with projectiles! Her B moves aren’t anything crazy special, but they are somewhat useful! Her Sun Salutation move allows you to charge up a ball of energy, and then send it towards an enemy. When you charge up this attack all the way, you actually gain a bit of health! Another way you can gain health as Wii Fit Trainer is you can perform her Down B move which is Deep Breathing. When she performs this move, hit B again as the circle barely closes in on her and you can gain a bit of health and temporarily become more powerful! I will say that while I do like her B moves, I mostly just appreciate her for her ability to evade getting hurt. I know a lot of characters can evade hits well besides Wii Fit Trainer, but for some reason she is the best at it for me. All-in-all Wii Fit Trainer comes out on top because if a character can consistently give you wins on Smash, they deserve the number one spot on a countdown.

Wii Fit Trainer Uses Deep Breathing

That’s my Top Ten Favorite Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Characters List! If you liked today’s post, go check out Is the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate “Adventure Mode” Worth Your Time? If you are interested in my blog, make sure you click the follow button so you can be notified when I put up new posts! I’m also on Instagram, where I post more stuff happening with my gaming life! So go check out @saber2thtigress

Did any of my choices for favorite characters surprise you? What are some of your favorite Smash Brothers characters? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “My Top Ten Favorite Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters!”

  1. I have many things to say about this list.
    1. I need to play more. I don’t know almost half of this list!
    2. I thought sonic would be much higher on your list!
    3. Peach is so terrible and annoying lol but it’s your list after all.
    4. You have a lot of success with wii fit trainer because you know how to use her and she’s kinda hard/annoying to fight against. She may not be the best or strongest, but she works with your fighting style I think.
    5. We need to play together more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used to play with Sonic all the time in Super Smash Brothers Brawl! But then they nerfed him in Ultimate so I don’t play him as much anymore. They have so many new characters in Smash, its INSANE!


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