Stardew Valley 5th Anniversary Appreciation Post and GIVEAWAY

In February 26, 2016, Stardew Valley was first released to the world. Since its release, it has been very successful! Last year it hit the milestone of selling over 10 million copies! Even in its simplicity, Stardew Valley has won over millions of players from around the world with its overarching theme of being a chill farmer and living however you choose.

Co-op farm in Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch

In fact, you’re allowed a lot of choice in what kind of farmer you want to be even in the beginning of the game! If you want to be a regular farmer with a ton of crops and animals, cool! If you want to spend your day in the mines killing monsters and mining stones, ore, and precious materials, you can! If you want to fish ALL DAY, great! You can even develop friendships with certain characters in the game, get married, and have kids! And with town events happening all the time in the game, Pelican Town’s tightknit community makes you feel like you’re really part of it!

Stardew Valley Egg Hunt

To this day I am still so amazed with the quality of Stardew Valley. The fact it was developed by only ONE person amazes me even more. Eric Barone, the developer of Stardew Valley did everything in the game on his own. The storyline, programming, artwork, music, and sound effects were all created by just him! Creating any aspect of a video game takes a TON of time, effort, and talent. The fact that Eric Barone was able to succeed in every aspect of the game is a HUGE success! And it certainly has paid off for him, with his net worth being $34 million! And since he’s the sole developer of the game, he keeps all the profits of Stardew Valley! I’m super excited to see what games he develops in the future!

Eric Barone working on Stardew Valley (Picture Credit Goes to PC Gamer)

The nice thing about Stardew Valley, is it’s not a game that was made and then forgotten about by the developers afterwards so they could go to the next project. Stardew Valley is still receiving updates even now! Just earlier this month, local co-op was added for console players so that you can sit on the couch and play on the same game and do split-screen with a friend! I love the split-screen function, and honestly I think it’s better than Animal Crossing’s co-op where you have to be together the WHOLE time. If one of you wants to fish while the other person goes to the mines, its possible with the split-screen function!

Overall, this game serves as a reminder to slow down and take it easy now and then, even when just playing video games. Are you thrown in riveting gameplay each time you get on? Well no, but that’s not the point. It’s good to find ways to relax and unwind after having normal stress throughout your day. Now, I’m not saying that playing regular video games is bad for your mental health. But I am saying that if I needed to calm down after having a very frustrating day of work, I probably wouldn’t choose to play something that’ll wind me up even more (like Fortnite haha). I like to choose chiller games, like Stardew Valley, that’ll cool me down so I can better enjoy more intense video games.

Two players fishing in Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch

All in all, if you’re looking for a fun game, that’s great for anyone of any age, has a great storyline, allows you a lot of freedom, is chill, and is relatively cheap, I would always first and foremost recommend Stardew Valley. Even five years later, this game is still going strong, and I think even more great things are still to come in the game!

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