Is Valheim Worth It?

Before I begin, I just want to clarify that I am not sponsored by any business or person. The following article is solely my opinion.

Valheim is one of the more recent games released on Steam, coming out with early access back in the beginning of February. Like many games that come out with early access, it’s still in the beta testing period and Valheim has MANY glitches. Glitches could vary from trees randomly popping up in front of you to trolls freezing temporarily and then teleporting right in your face and one-shot killing you. Despite all its problems, I absolutely LOVE Valheim so far! Keep reading to learn why I think Valheim is worth every penny.

What is Valheim Like?

In my opinion, Valheim feels like a mix between Breath of the Wild and Stardew Valley. That’s because while there is a story with the game, most of the game is spent exploring and doing whatever the heck you want. In the group of friends I play with, we mostly have been: building a house, taming wild wolves so we can sic them on random Greylings that attack our home base, and exploring the island we were spawned on. There are other exploration aspects of the game too, you can even explore enemy bases and build a boat to find new islands to explore!

It’s Most Fun When You’re Playing With Friends!

You can play Valheim alone, or with a group of up to ten friends! All you need to do is have one person set up the server and then give everyone who’s invited a password to join that server! Each individual server’s world is random, or procedurally generated, (click here to see a list of other cool, procedurally generated games), so you will get a new experience in Valheim each time! What’s nice about Valheim is you don’t have to play with strangers, especially seeing how if you die in game all of your items are dropped and literally ANYONE can grab them, even a stranger. So all of those hard earned and rare items you worked hours to get can be snatched by someone and you’ll have to earn those items back. If you’re playing with friends, I feel like this is much less likely to happen. If your friends do steal your items, maybe its time to find new friends…

It’s also really nice to have a ton of people working together on the same game because then you can get a lot more done in the game! Defeating large groups of enemies and dungeons are also a lot easier when you’re in large groups. Trust me, you DO NOT want to take on a troll cave by yourself. It’s also nice to have a large group of friends for even simple things like building a house. You need a lot of wood if you want to make anything impressive in Valheim. If you have everyone chopping wood and building a house together, you’re much more efficient!

Valheim Is Realistic

When I say Valheim is realistic, I’m not necessarily talking about the graphics. The game’s graphics aren’t terrible, but I also wouldn’t say that I’m impressed with the visuals in Valheim either. What I mean when I say Valheim is realistic is that you have to think about how the laws of physics work and be careful with your character because they can die the most pathetic deaths if you aren’t cautious. There’s fall damage, you can be crushed by falling trees, and you can even suffocate in your house if you build a fire without a chimney! There’s also more minor problems you can run into if you aren’t careful. For example, you can become “encumbered” if you’re carrying too heavy of a load in your inventory (good thing you can build a handcart)! There’s even issues that can indirectly affect you, such as your wooden house getting rained on too much and getting ruined, or a log rolling down a hill and dealing damage to your house!

“Liveheim, Laugheim, Loveheim”

So Is Valheim Worth It?

The current price for Valheim is $19.99, and at the moment you can only play it on your computer through Steam. Given all the fun you can have in this game, I’d definitely say that Valheim is worth that price! In the last few weeks my husband and I have been playing the game with our friends, we’ve had a blast and always look forward to the next time we can play! Even with all the glitches (some funny, some annoying), I would definitely say that for $19.99 I would highly recommend Valheim to anyone! I still have a lot to learn about Valheim, but I’m so excited to discover more of the game and will be playing it for a very long time to come.

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Have you played Valheim yet? What are some of you favorite things about the game? Let me know in the comments below?

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