Who Is Marigold in Fortnite?

For a few weeks now, the Golden Touch Challenge Pack has been available in the Fortnite Item Shop. The Challenge Pack is $11.99 and comes with: the Marigold Outfit, Golden Gambit Back Bling, Golden Daggers Pickaxe, and the Golden Touch Challenges which allow you to earn up to 1,500 V-Bucks in-game! The Marigold Skin and Back Bling are also reactive with each kill you get in a normal game of Fortnite, Marigold and her Back Bling turn more and more gold until she is completely gold. Also, like Midas, any weapons Marigold picks up turn gold as well.

The Golden Touch Challenge Pack is only in the Item Shop for a limited time. If you’re wanting Marigold for yourself, go and purchase the pack before it’s too late!

Due to how much Marigold looks like Midas, lately she has been referred to as “female Midas” and many have wondered exactly who she is. Why does Marigold look like Midas, and how do the two relate?

The Greek Myth of King Midas

For those of you who don’t study Greek Mythology, Midas and his powers to turn objects to gold comes from the Greek Myth of King Midas. There are several variations of the Greek Myth of King Midas and his golden touch, but most of them include the following details of the story.

King Midas is granted the power to turn objects to gold by the Greek god Dionysus; however, unlike Midas in Fortnite, King Midas doesn’t have control over what he turns to gold. King Midas thinks that his new power is great and turns everything in his palace to gold. But when he realizes that he can’t eat food anymore because all of the food he touches turns to gold, he realizes that maybe his new power isn’t so great after all. To make matters worse, when King Midas’ daughter touches him, he accidently turns her to gold as well! So Midas begs Dionysus to take away his power to turn objects to gold, and everything returns to normal.

Who Is Marigold???

When most people tell the tale of King Midas, they include details about his daughter being turned to gold. Most of the different versions of the myth don’t name Midas’ daughter. However, I have found several different versions of the story where they do name Midas’ daughter. In some of the versions of the story Midas’ daughter is named Zoe, and in others she is named Marigold. I’m guessing Marigold was named after Midas’ obsession with gold.

Due to how much Marigold looks like Midas and based on the actual Greek Myth of Midas itself, I’m positive that Marigold is Midas’ daughter. To add a twist to the legend, Fortnite had Marigold inherit her father’s powers.

Honestly, part of me wonders if Midas is going to come back in Fortnite soon. I know he was a boss during the Fortnitemares Event, and at that time he was supposedly still dead. But how would players be able to still “eliminate” him if he was already dead and couldn’t be eliminated anymore? Honestly, I really hope that Midas and his group of spies make a comeback soon, and I think that Marigold might be hinting at that happening.

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Do you think that Marigold is really Midas’ daughter? How do you think she fits in the story? Let me know in the comments below!

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