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Animal Crossing Characters Build-A-Bear Should Make Instead of Isabelle and Tom Nook

A few days ago, Animal Crossing and Build-A-Bear announced a collaboration where you could buy Animal Crossing villagers at Build-A-Bear! I was SO excited thinking that maybe Marshal or Marina or some other popular Animal Crossing villager would be available for purchase. And then I saw THIS

(Pulled from a Build-A-Bear Facebook Post)

I couldn’t care less about Isabelle and Tom Nook. While I do love Isabelle and Tom Nook, you can buy them as plushies literally ANYWHERE. They aren’t hard to come by because lots of toy companies produce them already. I’m sad, there aren’t a ton of plushies of the regular villagers, even the ones that everyone is obsessed over.

However, in this same Facebook post Build-A-Bear also states, “We know Animal Crossing fans each have their favorite characters and we’re excited to announce a new one arriving this summer.” What I take that as is they are trying to decide which of nearly 400 existing villagers they should make a plushie of. In my opinion, they need to make a plushie of at least one of the following villagers. I have also listed them in order of preference!

10. Audie

Audie is a wolf villager who is designed to look a bit like a fox. With her sunglasses constantly on, she’s always ready for a vacation! Audie is a pretty popular villager, and I bet a ton of people would love to see her in Build-A-Bear!

Audie (picture from Animal Crossing Wiki)

9. Julian

Who doesn’t love unicorns? Well Julian is the only unicorn in all of Animal Crossing! For people who love unicorns, they would purchase him without hesitation!

Julian (picture from Animal Crossing Wiki)

8. Sherb

Sherb is a goat villager and one of the most popular villagers among players universally! He’s a super cute villager to have on your island! Not to mention he ROCKS that sweater! If Build-A-Bear brings him to their store, he’d be a great addition to any Animal Crossing collection or stuffed animal collection!

7. Lily

Of all the frog villagers Lily is by far the prettiest of all the frog villagers! With her pastel color schemes, cyan skin, and rosy cheeks, she definitely takes the cake for being one of the prettiest villagers. I would love to see her in Build-A-Bear!

Lily (picture from Animal Crossing Wiki)

6. Roald

Penguins are just naturally cute. And Roald is the cutest and chonkiest penguin of all! With his big eyes and cute, round, blue body, what could be a cuter companion? He’d especially be great for winter décor!

Roald (picture from Animal Crossing Wiki)

5. Stitches

Stitches is LITERALLY a stuffed bear! He would fit in perfectly at Build-A-Bear with all the other stuffed animals! And if you want a classic teddy bear Stitches would be great to take home!

Stitches (picture from Animal Crossing Wiki)

4. Pietro

Pietro is so unique with his colorful clown attire and makeup! In Animal Crossing he makes me smile with his attitude and style, and if he existed in real life his cuteness might be too much to handle! Plus, out of all of the villagers he is definitely the most colorful!

Pietro (picture from Animal Crossing Wiki)

3. Raymond

Raymond is another villager that is SUPER popular among players! He wears a business suit, glasses, and has two different colored eyes! His look is classy and unique. I’m also a huge fan of cat villagers with their cute little tails! I guarantee if Raymond was brought to Build-A-Bear, they would sell out of him super quick!

Raymond (picture from Animal Crossing Wiki)

2. Marina

Marina is probably the most pink of all the villagers! I love her default sweater, and as a normal villager type she’s pretty relatable! Marina is also another super popular villager, probably because there’s not a ton of octopus villagers in Animal Crossing! Personally I’m already looking for a Marina plushie, but none of the ones I’ve found so far have been of good quality. If Build-A-Bear were to make Marina plushies, I would snag one as soon as they hit stores!

Marina (picture from Animal Crossing Wiki)

1. Marshal

Last but not least, its the man, the myth, the legend, MARSHAL! Marshal is by far my favorite villager in all of Animal Crossing! He’s so classy, and so cute at the same time! His little boingy tail is hard to resist and he’s constantly doing cute things, and saying cute things all the time in Animal Crossing! Marshal isn’t just my favorite villager though! At the time of this post he is currently ranked as the number one favorite villager in Animal Crossing! Honestly if you’re wanting a Marshal plushie from Build-A-Bear, and they do make him, you’re probably going to have to sleep outside the store so you can get him before all the Marshal plushies disappear!

Marshal (picture from Nookipedia)

Honestly I have no purpose in going to Build-A-Bear unless they bring at least one of these characters to their store. Let’s all cross our fingers that Build-A-Bear makes good choices on which villagers to bring to their store!

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