My First Kingdom Hearts Playthrough—And Why It Feeds My Disneyland Hunger [SPOILERS]

Nearly 20 years after Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix (the first Kingdom Hearts) released, I finally got to play through it for the first time. Before we played it, my husband had talked about it occasionally and the good memories he had playing it. We now own the entire Kingdom Hearts game series and are working through them! We beat the first game, Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, the other day and honestly it was a really fun experience! Here are some of my thoughts of the first Kingdom Hearts game…

Kingdom Hearts is the perfect game for adults who have a heart for Disney and Final Fantasy. The first Kingdom Hearts game is mostly Disney themed, but the Final Fantasy aspects they threw in as well were really cool! Kingdom Hearts is the perfect meld between Disney and Final Fantasy. The way they combined the two worlds was really entertaining, like when you have to fight Cloud Strife in the tournament at the Olympus Coliseum (yes I know they spelled colosseum wrong, I don’t know why)!

What’s funny is you would think that Kingdom Hearts is made for kids since Disney is a huge part of it right? WRONG! Sure its rated E-10+ but there’s still some pretty heavy stuff now and then. Don’t tell me that Sora having to stab himself with the Keyblade in order to save Kairi isn’t going to scar a child. Or that Riku being possessed by Ansem isn’t lowkey terrifying. Either way, this is a great game for adults who have a soft spot for Disney and want an excuse to indulge in it more! And if you also love Final Fantasy, the extra Final Fantasy character cameos are also great!

Other random thoughts I had while playing Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix for the first time:

The music is SO GOOD! Honestly sometimes I would just sit and listen to the title screen music for a minute or two before I would play another session.

Sora’s hardcore crush on Kairi is super cute.

The threesome of Sora, Donald, and Goofy is a power-team I didn’t know I needed.

I can live without the Gummi Ship and having to fight through enemies to get to the next world.

Riku isn’t as bright as he should be. He can’t tell that he’s working with the bad guys and then he just lets Ansem take him over? Sure he pulls it together in the end but he’s not very smart haha.

Mickey’s voice is a little too peppy when they’re trying to close the door to Kingdom Hearts…but its still a pretty heart wrenching moment.

I loved seeing all of the different worlds they decided to throw into the game! My favorite ones were Halloween Town and the Hundred Acre Wood! It was also fun meeting the accompanying characters that came with those worlds too! I think my favorite character encounter was Winnie the Pooh and his friends. You get to do a few mini games in the Hundred Acre Wood and all of them are completely chaotic. Literally, in one of the mini games you are pushing Pooh on Christopher Robin’s swing so you can launch him into the sky and he can look for Eeyore’s tail! Overall, every world and character you come across is super fun and memorable!

Honestly, I think the main reason I loved playing through Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix was because everything lowkey reminded me of Disneyland! My husband and I haven’t been able to go to Disneyland for a while, and everything from the music, themed worlds, and random character meets had me reminiscing of Disneyland trips in the past. Kingdom Hearts made me realize how much I missed the magic of Disneyland, and Kingdom Hearts was able to bring a little bit of that magic to my living room.

I’m SUPER excited to play through the remaining Kingdom Hearts games, especially seeing how the graphics of the newest Kingdom Hearts game are so great! The Kingdom Hearts game series is everything you need and more if you love Disney and/or Final Fantasy.

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Have you ever played Kingdom Hearts? Do you think it’s more enjoyable for kids, or adults? Were you ever able to beat it as a kid? Do you get some Disneyland vibes from Kingdom Hearts? Let me know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “My First Kingdom Hearts Playthrough—And Why It Feeds My Disneyland Hunger [SPOILERS]”

  1. Shelby kept talking about this game all the time and we couldn’t ever get the right one, but maybe I’ll have to try to get them all and play through too! I’ve personally never played it, or even final fantasy, or even been to Disneyland! It sounds fun though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For sure you need to get Kingdom Hearts! And if I were to suggest a Final Fantasy game to start off with I would play number 7 first! And I think everyone should get a chance to go to Disneyland at least once in their life! ☺️


  2. I’m playing this now, for the first time (Final Mix). My son convinced me to try it. He has nostalgia for it, having played it when he was younger, and he thought I would like it since I like JRPGs. I’m not far into it, just finished Wonderland today. I’m not sure it’s my cup of tea, so your positive review is encouraging to read!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will say Wonderland was probably my least favorite world. Which is surprising because I love Alice in Wonderland! Don’t worry! Kingdom Hearts is SO good once you get further into the story! 😁


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