Is Free Guy Worth Watching? (SPOILER FREE)

Photo from IMDb’s website.

Last week my husband and I decided we wanted to go see a movie. The last movie we had seen in theaters was The Rise of Skywalker two years ago. We had been hearing about Free Guy and thought it would be a movie we would enjoy. Luckily we got in on the last week it was showing in the Cinemark by us (and on $5 Tuesday 😎). My guess is in the next couple weeks or so it’ll be leaving every theater completely. Soon the only way you’ll be able to watch it is through DVD/Blu-Ray or if a streaming service decides to release it on their platform. Since more likely than not you’ll have to spend money (and time) to watch Free Guy, I’ve decided to share some spoiler-free thoughts on the movie so you can better decide if you want to watch it.

Some Good Things

Free Guy focuses around an NPC called Guy (played by Ryan Reynolds) who becomes self aware and realizes he’s a background character in a violent video game. The movie focuses on his journey as well as some things happening outside in the real-world that affect his game.

There were a lot of things I appreciated in Free Guy as a gamer. For one thing, they featured a lot of famous streamers (like Ninja, LazarBeam, and Pokimane) rather than just having a bunch of fake streamers in the movie. There were still some streamers that weren’t real, but they mostly showed real streamers playing the game. This was fun for my husband and I to see some famous video gamers in the movie, and really showed that the creators of Free Guy went all out to make this a legit video game movie!

They also talked about and made a lot of jokes about NPC behavior, such as not wanting to deviate from what they’re supposed to do. I actually laughed out loud at a lot of these jokes! There were also many other video game references and jokes I thought were pretty good and fit well into the movie.

Some Not So Good Things

I actually liked the plot okay. It wasn’t the most riveting plot ever, but I did enjoy the story. However, there were many flaws with the plot. For example, the “bad guy” in the movie does a lot of things for the sake of money, while just basically going and wasting more money than he would’ve saved. There were many other things but I honestly couldn’t talk about them too much without spoilers.

I also wasn’t a huge fan of some of the actors. Millie (a main character played by Jodie Comer) wasn’t the most amazing actor in some parts of the movie. I lowkey feel like they could’ve gone with any basic female actor and gotten the same level of acting (or better). Some other characters were pretty mediocre as well, but I mostly had complaints about Millie.

There’s also a lot of language (including one full F-Bomb) and inappropriate/adult humor in Free Guy as well. While its nothing too crazy for adults, it definitely isn’t kid friendly (and depending on some parents, teenager friendly). This would definitely be a movie parents would have to watch before showing it to their kids.

So Is It Worth It?

I definitely enjoyed Free Guy and would recommend it to any video game players. I feel like Free Guy is a good tribute to the gaming world and a true gamer would appreciate it. If you’re not a huge gamer, you probably wouldn’t enjoy this movie. It’s also definitely not a family movie, so I wouldn’t advise getting it to watch with your kids. And even though I really enjoyed Free Guy, I probably wouldn’t go back and watch it again. Free Guy wasn’t the most amazing movie I’ve watched, but I definitely enjoyed it and would say its worth watching at least once.

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Have you seen Free Guy? If you have, what did you think of it? If you haven’t seen Free Guy, are you planning on watching it? Let me know in the comments below!

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