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Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct: 2.0 Update Highlights

I’ve got to be honest, for a while Animal Crossing felt dead. There were long periods of time that I would jump on for a second, do a couple basic tasks and ditch again. I was even neglecting some of my favorite villagers…

When I heard Brewster was coming to the game, that was enough of a push to get me to come back. So, I’ve been working on redesigning my island and tidying things up. When I watched the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct, I was SHOCKED at how much content is going to be included in the 2.0 update. Not to mention a paid DLC with even more content is also going to be released! Talking about everything would take forever, so here are my top six favorite new features coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons that’s being included in the free upgrade! (Also I know I normally pick a top five, but I couldn’t pick just five this time!)

6. Group Stretching Exercises in the Plaza

I think it’s cute that you can organize a Group Stretching class for your island residents! I know I freak out when even two or three villagers are working out together. I just think the fact you can get eight villagers/characters to work out with you is adorable! I also think it’s cool that you have the option to do the stretches using either the buttons on the Joy-Con or the motion control functions. Funnily enough the whole activity gives me Ring Fit Adventure vibes!

Screen shot from the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct

5. Kapp’n and New Mystery Islands

Kapp’n is another OG character making a return in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You have the option to board his ship and have him take you to new Mystery Islands! Some of these islands will give you different plant life, be in a different hemisphere, or may even be in a different time of day! Traveling to some new Mystery Islands sounds like a ton of fun! Especially since we’ll get to listen to some great sea shanties along the way!

Screen shot from the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct

4. Brewster and The Roost

Full disclosure, I don’t drink coffee. So why am I interested in The Roost? First off, you get another location to hang out in that will provide new entertainment unlike anything already in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Secondly, The Roost gives us an opportunity to interact with the villagers and other characters in new ways. In the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct we’re shown a character running into Isabelle who says she’s on a coffee break (which is a good thing cause we all know Tom Nook overworks the poor girl). We’re also shown a player having a fun coffee outing with Mabel and her sisters (you’ll need Amiibos to invite characters to get coffee).

Screen shot from the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct

All in all, I’m excited for The Roost just because I’m excited for new opportunities to hang out with players, villagers, and characters! And who knows, maybe Brewster will start offering hot chocolate!

3. Villagers Inviting You Over and Coming Over!

While I’ve always enjoyed going over to my villagers’ houses (mostly to see if they’re crafting a recipe I don’t already have), I can finally go over with their permission rather than just barging in! The fact I can be invited to a villager’s house will make my character’s friendship with that villager seem even more legit.

Screen shot from the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct

And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I could have visitors over to my house in Animal Crossing. Sure friends who are visiting can come over, but villagers never come over! Now, I can hang out with my favorite villagers and show off my house to them as well!

Screen shot from the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct

2. Cooking Unlocked!

I never would’ve guessed they would add cooking to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but I’m so glad they did! What’s funny is this game is even more like Stardew Valley now with the extra crops and cooking function!

Screen shot from the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct

I don’t know why, but I’ve always enjoyed games that have a cooking aspect to them. So, the fact a cooking function is being added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons makes the game even more perfect! I think one of the biggest reasons I’m excited for cooking is because I have wanted to add some new restaurants to my island, but the lack of food items discouraged me from that. But now with all these new recipes and food items coming, I’ll be able to make real restaurants with real food on my island! Plus, cooking will give my useless kitchen a purpose!

Screen shot from the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct

1. Harv’s Island Expansion

The thing I was most excited about when they were announcing all the free stuff coming in the 2.0 update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons was all the new additions to Harv’s Island! There will be gyroids on Harv’s Island you can give bells to, which in turn will unlock a merchant. This merchant will take up shop on Harv’s Island and you’ll be able to visit them whenever you want!

Screen shot from the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct

Having a merchant hub will be amazing. Soon I won’t have to go weeks before seeing merchants like Redd or Leif! There will also be new NPC services offered at this hub as well including: Tortimer, Katrina, Harriet, and the happy couple Reese and Cyrus.

Screen shot from the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct

I’m really excited about having a place I can meet with all the merchants I need, as well as get to know new NPCs and employ their services. Compared to now where I NEVER visit Harv’s Island, I know I’ll be going there every time I jump on Animal Crossing now!

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Also, if you’re wanting to watch the whole Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct, here is the full video showing all the stuff announced including the 2.0 free update and paid DLC.

Out of all of the new stuff coming out of the 2.0 Update, what are you most excited for? If you haven’t played in a while, will all this new content get you back into the game? Let me know in the comments below!

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