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How To Level Up Faster In Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 8

For a lot of Fortnite players, leveling up is an important part of the game. This is especially true for those who have the Battle Pass and don’t want to pay for levels in Fortnite in order to get the items in the Battle Pass. As many players have noticed, the way you get quests and level up this season is different. Many players feel this new system of leveling up is not as great (and to a certain extent I agree). However, there are still ways you can level up quickly in Fortnite…

Make Sure You’re Accepting NPC Quests

This season, you no longer automatically receive quests. You actually have to go talk to NPCs around the map and accept their quests. Many NPCs have five levels of quests, with each quest you complete giving more XP than the last. These NPC quests can really give you a ton of XP, but you need to make sure you’re actively working on accepting and completing quests. You also can only accept up to five quests at a time. So, I highly suggest sticking to a few quests at a time, and completing them BEFORE you move on to new quests.

Play With Friends

One thing I do like about this season is you level up faster when you play with friends! This is because when you play with friends, the quests the squad has accepted become shared quests. This means if one player has a quest, and any of the players on the team helps complete the quest, the quest is completed for everyone. What’s great about that is EVERYONE gets the XP that came with the quest! Besides being able to share quests, and everyone on the team getting the full XP that comes with completing the quest, you’re also able to take on more than five quests at a time. This is because any quests other players have already accepted will automatically be added to your quest list!


While I’m not a fan of having to go and find quests from NPCs (rather than just have the quests assigned to me automatically), I do really like that quests can turn into shared quests when playing with friends. I honestly feel that the ability to share quests and XP makes you level up WAY faster. I honestly haven’t played a ton of Fortnite during Chapter 2: Season 8, mostly just because I’ve been focusing on other video games lately. I would say I’ve probably only played Fortnite a few times this season. But despite how little I’ve played this season, I’ve already reached level 58! The reason I think I’ve already reached level 58 is because at least half of the time I’ve played this season has been with friends.

Knowing that the way you level up now is easier with friends makes a ton of sense. If you get your friends to play Fortnite with you, Fortnite gets additional players (and makes more money ideally). In return, you get extra XP. While I do miss the old way of getting quests, I don’t mind the idea of shared quests and XP. I prefer to play Fortnite with friends, so this will encourage me to play with friends even more! In the end, if you work the leveling-up system right, you should be able to level up quickly, and hopefully have more fun playing with friends rather than solo.

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